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Dash’s Babies programme starts at 4 months old and has one main aim, to teach an automated response from the baby so that if they fall into water they will float up to the surface and then roll onto their back and float.  The teachers also go on to teach them how to propel themselves back to the side and then climb out when they develop the strength.

The Preschool program goes from 3 years to 5 years old and again has a Water Safety first approach where the children learn simple things like floating on their back and kicking and also get exposure to more advanced Water Safety concepts.

The School age program is from 5 years plus and in the early stages is water safety focused. Once the basics are covered we then move into a more competitive focus where the participants learn more advanced swimming techniques and begin the transition into Club swimming.

Dash Swim School has recently launched a new Special needs programme. 

This has been designed to accommodate all types of special needs.  It runs alongside the Dash Program and is tailored to your specific requirements.  It is taught by fully qualified AUSTSWIM Access and Inclusion Teachers. 

The cost for these are only $10 per lesson. 

Call us today to book in your initial assessment.

Private lessons have been proven to show faster results.  In the Private classes, the goals are entirely tailored to your wants and needs and our qualified Teachers will work with you to get the outcome you want. 

The cost for these lessons are $25 per lesson for one on one or $30 for a Two on One lesson.

Swimming for Teenagers

Not everyone has learnt to swim by the time they reach their teenage years. But that shouldn’t stop you from taking the plunge! Work with our team and we’ll have you swimming in no time.

And because you’ll be learning in a quiet pool away from public swimming, you’ll be able to swim in private.

Just wait until your friends see what you have achieved.


Swimming for Adults                                                

You can learn to swim as an adult.

Our beginner classes help you to be comfortable in the water before being introduced to swimming techniques. As you grow in confidence and control in the water, your coordination will improve, and you'll be surprised how quickly your swimming abilities advance.

We can also help with technique improvement for the less able swimmer – correcting stroke and breathing skills to help you to swim efficiently and confidently.

Swimming for fitness rather than for competition is just awesome. Adult Advanced classes and get the heart pumping and the fitness building in fun but structured sessions.

They are ideal for cross-training for triathlons, surf lifesaving, water polo or any water-based sport.


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How classes work         

At Dash Swim School, we are constantly striving to deliver the best possible level of service to you.  As part of this, we have developed our Transitional classes. 

The way these work is your child will get 1-on-1 tuition for one term only to work on the skills needed to help them progress through the swim school.  It is proven that 1-on-1 tuition improves the majority of people’s skill levels.  Once they have worked on the skills needed, then they will be assessed to see if they will re-join their previous class or need to be moved up a level.


Cost of classes                           

There is no additional cost on top of your term fees.  You attend the transitional class instead of the group lesson for the term.

We are dedicated to giving your child the best learn to swim experience and want to see them progress just as much as you do.



Your instructor will advise you if a transition class is an option and arrange an assessment with the coordinator.  You will then be advised as to what you can do next and Reception will help with the bookings.

If at any time you have queries about your child’s progress, please do not hesitate to talk to their instructor before or after classes.



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What is Water Safety Week                       

At Dash Swim School, water safety is paramount to what we do.  We have a dedicated Water Safety Week every term where the students learn vital water survival and safety skills

We take great pride in our Water Safety Week.  We are consistently trying to push the boundaries to see what is possible in a pool environment to give our customers as close to the real situation as possible.  We change our Water Safety program every two terms to make sure we are always offering the best and most relevant information. 



Water Safety Week is now always run in Week 8 of the term.

The dates for the rest of this year are:

  • Term 1 - Start week of 27th March
  • Term 2 - Start week of 19th June
  • Term 3 - Start week of 11th September
  • Term 4 - Start week 24th December


What you need to bring                             

Nothing extra is needed so you can leave the goggles at home this week. The progress table is also up and running during every water safety week, so come down to the far end of the pool to talk to the staff member on about your child's progress.


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