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Cost of Lessons and Payments

Q. What is the cost of lessons for children?

A. Fees quoted are for each lesson. If you join part way through a term your fees will be apportioned on a pro-rata basis. Our prices include the pool entry fee. All lessons are run up at Cannons Creek Pool with the exception of Thursday evening when our top end runs out of the Arena Aquatic Centre.  

Cannons Creek Pool

  • Under 3's - $13.50 per lesson
  • Pre-schoolers - $13.50 per lesson
  • School Aged - $13.50 per lesson


Q. Do you offer private lessons?

Yes we do – either for individuals or small groups. Just let us know what you want. Contact us on phone (04) 237 1518 or

For one child, the fee is $30.00 per half hour lesson; for two children, the fee is $40.00 per half hour lesson.


Q. Can I pay for classes on a weekly basis?

A. Sorry, no. Classes must be booked and paid for in full before your child’s place in a class can be secured. This ensures your child’s lessons are reserved and it enables us to provide quality tuition. If you have any issues with this please talk to the team on reception.


Q. If my child can’t attend a lesson do I get a rebate on my fees?

A. If your child is sick and you present us with a doctor’s certificate no later than 7 days from the certificate date, you may be eligible for a rebate. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for details of our policies.


More Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How long will it take my child to learn to swim?

A. There are a number of factors that influence ‘how long’ a child will take to learn to swim

  • Confidence when initially introduced to swimming.
  • How often he/she is in the water for lessons and family swims, frequency and regularity of lesson attendance
  • Having a positive connection with the instructor and quality of tuition
  • Don’t forget, like any learning process, it’s ongoing and age dependent. It’s so important that children take the time to learn to swim well.


Q. What should my child bring to the lesson?

A. At every lesson they will need togs, cap, goggles and a towel. They need to be energized and fuelled well (a light healthy snack such as a piece of fruit or muesli bar eaten half an hour before the lesson). And they need to come to the lesson with positive encouragement from you, their parent or caregiver.

You can purchase Swim Caps and Goggles from our front reception where the team will help you fit everything correctly.


Q. Are Dash instructors qualified?

A. Yes – every one of them has been taught the Dash methods for learn-to-swim as well as having Swimming New Zealand and or AustSwim qualifications. Our instructors are also qualified in first aid and CPR and many of them are also lifeguard qualified.


Q. How many children will there be in a class?

A. This depends on the age of your child and their swimming grade/lesson length. We have maximum class sizes and all of them are well below the industry norm.

  • Babies - 10 babies and adults to 1 instructor for our under 3's.
  • Pre-school – a maximum of 4 swimmers to one instructor (4:1) for the early levels of the Dash pathway
  • School Age – a maximum of 5:1 for the early grades, 5:1 for most 30 minute lessons, 8:1 for 45 minute lessons and 10:1 for the hour grades.


Q. Who do I talk to about my child’s progress?

A. In the first instance please talk to your child’s instructor. They know your child best.

If you wish to speak with the Dash Swim School Coordinator, please ask. If he’s available he’ll meet you or he’ll arrange a time that suits you both.

Parental support and presence is very important and your child will love you being there. Make sure you encourage, recognise and reward your child for their efforts and achievements every lesson.


Q. My child has swimming lessons at school. Why should he/she also attend Dash Swim School?

A. Most school swimming lessons are more general in their teaching methods and desired outcomes and have larger class numbers. Specialist swim school lessons enables your child to develop a solid base and accelerate his or her swimming abilities resulting in better water confidence and more effective, water safe techniques, the class sizes are smaller.

Practice makes perfect!


Q. Should my child have lessons during the winter months?

A. Certainly. They should be swimming all year round. 

Swimming during the winter months is great for ongoing swimming progress as well as for working the respiratory system. It can also help to fight winter health ailments. Just make sure your child wears warm clothing, including a hat, on chilly days.


Q. My child is very nervous in the water. How can you help?

It’s not uncommon for children to be nervous in the water, especially for complete beginners. We have specialised instructors for this type of swimmer who have considerable experience in working with children in the water. Your child will soon be happy and confident in the pool.


Q. What do I do if my child is sick?

A. If your child has had diarrhoea or vomiting in the past 48 hours he/she should not attend lessons. Equally if he or she is suffering from a severe respiratory illness it is advisable not to attend lessons. Please notify us on phone (04) 237 1518 if your child is going to be absent. You will be asked to provide a doctor’s certificate if you require a fee rebate.


Q. Why should I choose Dash Swim School?

A. We are the only swim school in the Porirua region with a 6 lane, 25 metre dedicated learn to swim pool. This means your child has a quality environment in which to learn and progress his or her swimming. Together with the quality of our teaching, our proven programme pathway, the small class sizes and our love of swimming you won’t find a better recipe for a quality swim school for miles.


FAQs for Teens and Adults

Q. Why should a teenager or adult learn to swim?

A. We believe all New Zealanders should be able to swim. It’s a truly lifetime activity – for your wellness, your fitness and your mobility as well as for safety. We have so many water based activities right here on our door step – you should have the ability and confidence to be out there enjoying them, no matter what age you are. We want to be your swim school of choice.


Q. I am very self conscious. Will people be watching me?

A. We are a programme pool and that means it’s not open to the general public whilst you’re having swimming lessons. There will be other pool users but they’re likely to be focusing on their own reasons for being in the pool. Rest assured you’re in good company and surrounded by supportive, encouraging people.


Q. Can I have swimming lessons with a group of family, friends or colleagues?

A. Yes. We can either work with you in our current timetabled programme or we can look at a solution that suits your group and our instructors. Contact us on phone (04) 237 1518 or with your request.


Q. What sort of programmes do you offer for beginners?

A. We offer tailored packages for complete beginners – either in classes or on a one-on-one basis. The choice is yours. The important thing is to learn to swim and we can help you do that. Contact us on phone (04) 237 1518 or to find out more.


Q. How many swimmers are in your classes?

A. Our classes are small with a swimmer instructor ratio of 6:1. This is below the industry norm.


Q. Do you offer private lessons?

A. Yes we do – either for individuals or small groups. Just let us know what you want. Contact us on phone (04) 237 1518 or email